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Film Stories Junior

Film Junior issue 14 print edition (Autumn 2023)

Film Junior issue 14 print edition (Autumn 2023)

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The print film magazine for young film fans - and it's partly written by them too!


Trolls Band Together: Our young reporter chats to director Walt Dohrn about making the third Trolls film, and what it's like voicing one of the characters!

The dark side: Are children's movies getting darker, and is that a good thing?

What's coming up? - All the most exciting films coming your way soon.

New! Director Focus - Learn all about a famous director from the past - this issue focuses on Billy Wilder.

Fantastic Mr. Fox - A look into Wes Anderson's wonderful animated film.


Gran Turismo

How to edit your own movies


How franchises have changed over time

Which Legend Of Zelda game would make a good film?


The latest film news

The movies of 2013

Film fashion

And classic and international movie recommendations.



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