Film Stories issue 31 DIGITAL edition (March 2022)

Film Stories issue 31 DIGITAL edition (March 2022)

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This is a DIGITAL PDF version of Film Stories issue 31. 

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So, it's a great way to share a copy with someone you think may like it. 

The print version – which you can buy here – shipped towards the end of February 2022.

Here's what's in issue 31 of Film Stories!


The co-star of Ali & Ava in a big exclusive chat, that touches on his anxieties of filming, wine with writer/director Clio Barnard, and his utterly leftfield performance in Save The Cinema too.


There’s no Ali & Ava without Claire Rushbrook’s brilliant Ava – and she’s been chatting to us too, along with…


One of Britain’s finest filmmakers tells us about her latest film, and why she filmed it where she did...


  • Why are some films not available anymore? Why do they keep disappearing?
  • The rise of ‘one for the fans’ in blockbuster cinema
  • When movie studios cooperate with the military
  • The low budget sci-fi gamechangers
  • Accessible screenings in the UK: are things finally getting better?
  • The DVD store in France that’s still, somehow, going strong
  • Where did Harry Potter’s car go?
  • The Prism of Race: Jamal Franklin on his trilogy of films
  • Ruth Paxton: the brilliant director of A Banquet takes us into her film
  • D is for Documentary: how a terrific film all about Sesame Street came together
  • James Moran’s writing clinic
  • All new puzzle page that’s moved on from the regular Geostorm feature!
  • Lots of reviews!
  • Lots more interviews!
  • Lots of odd films we think you should watch!
  • And an odd bit of movie merchandise…

Plus! Amongst the 20+ paid writers in this issue, three are getting their first ever paid print writing work.

We can only do this with your support, and thank you so much.