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Film Stories

Film Stories issue 42 print edition (May 2023)

Film Stories issue 42 print edition (May 2023)

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Amongst the features inside the issue...

Polite Society - It's a brilliant new British action film, and we've been chatting to director Nida Manzoor and stars Priya Kansara and Ritu Arya all about it!

Filming the unfilmable - The books that were never supposed to make it to the screen.

The Pen-hires Stroke Back - How's that for a pun? Er, anyway. The threat of strike action looms over Hollywood, and we've been looking into why...

After Antiviral - Brandon Cronenberg discusses new horror Infinity Pool and getting back into filmmaking.

Jaws 3D! - We've been chatting to its director, and questioning whether it's a sequel that deserves another bite. Arf.

Digital de-ageing - Ahead of Indiana Jones 5, a look into what might be becoming Hollywood's favourite new toy.

The Bursting Bubbles Of Modern Cinema - Is everything going wrong?! Or is hope on the horizon, that doesn't involve blue people?

Hiring a cinema - How much? How do you do it? What can you do? 

Breaking down barriers - Writer/director Shamim Sarif on overcoming divisions and her new film Polarized.



The Science Bit: our technical column covers output.

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