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Film Stories

Film Stories issue 47 print edition: 168 pages again! Huge UK film preview too...

Film Stories issue 47 print edition: 168 pages again! Huge UK film preview too...

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Shipping now! Another 168-page bumper issue, printed on really nice paper too. 

And inside:

The British movie preview 2024: British cinema is hugely important to us, and that's why our annual preview feature is 100% about UK films.

Femme: We've followed this film from short to feature, and have been digging into its story, with the people behind it...

A really odd DVD cover: There's a UK horror movie release, where the cover of the DVD was, well, somewhat calculated...

One Life: Director James Hawes takes us through the making of the film - with a bit of added Doctor Who as well...

Chickens! Talking to the mighty Aardman about its Chicken Run sequel.

The houses that Harry built: how the Harry Potter saga ignited the UK VFX industry.

The Secret Movie Publicist: we still can't tell you who they are. But boy, do they have stories...

Nadia Stacey: a look at the world of make-up in movies.

Turtle Power! : Director Jeff Rowe reflects on his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film.

The Bystanders: A British sci-fi comedy? That doesn't happen often. We've been talking to the person behind it.

Alien Autopsy: the story of when Ant and Dec went to the movies.

Andy Bush's Movie Villains at Home...

How To How Sex: Molly Manning Walker has been talking to us about her debut feature...


Movie books!
Film fashion!
Indie filmmaking!
Horror movies
Simon Hickson!
Movie clinic!


Our big end of the year movie quiz...


Loads more stuff. Honestly, there's 168 pages of this...!

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