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Film Stories

Film Stories issue 38 print edition (November 2022)

Film Stories issue 38 print edition (November 2022)

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DANIEL RADCLIFFE: A huge exclusive interview, as he talks about becoming Weird Al Yankovic, and a whole lot more...

THE HUGE UK MOVIE PREVIEW: British films! Lots of them! And they're all coming soon...

THE FRENCH METHOD: Could the tactics of French cinema be used to keep UK independent films live and kicking?

A BUNCH OF AMATEURS: We chat to the director and subjects of documentary A Bunch Of Amateurs - a film all about the little-known Bradford Movie Makers Club.

THE MENU: Director Mark Mylod tells us about his film, and about Succession

VIDEO NASTIES: The 1980s era of banned horror movies that still leaves an ugly taste...

NEPTUNE FROST: Directors Saul Williams and Anisia Uzeyman on the making of their surreal musical

THE ULTRA-COMPETENT ACTION HERO: When muscles just don't cut it anymore

CHARLOTTE WELLS: On fathers, daughters, and Aftersun...


The novel that explores a Lauren Bacall moment...

Simon Hickson doesn't do duvets, but he does write for us now!

Writing clinic with the mighty James Moran

My film story

Reviews! There's a five star one in this issue too.

Things for the watchlist


Movie clinic!

The letters page!

More interviews!

And lots more!

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