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Film Stories

Film Stories issue 20 print edition (November 2020)

Film Stories issue 20 print edition (November 2020)

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The jam-packed 20th issue of Film Stories! And it includes...

* EXCLUSIVE! 80s legend Dogtanian & The Three Muskehounds is heading to the movies - and we've got the full story. PLUS! First details on the Willy Fog film too.

* OLIVIA COOKE: The awesome actor tells us about the path from Oldham to Hollywood - and the power of saying no

* GEORGE MACKAY: Another awesome actor, as he tells us about his new film, indie movies, and the importance of the Gladiator DVD.

* RAY HARRYHAUSEN: The legend celebrated, with a behind the scenes look at a brand new exhibition

* VIGGO & LANCE: Messrs Mortensen and Henriksen tells us all about Falling.

* Are we all going to need 8K tellies soon?

* Jonathan Demme, and his important journey from Silence Of The Lambs to Philadelphia

* The man behind the British Urban Film Festival

* Films that were never finished

* How do movies actually make their money?

Plus! Marc Munden, Harry Macqueen, Helen Simmons, Cartoon Saloon, a new letters page, Romesh Ranganathan, Debbie Moon, Hope Dickson Leach and a cake with a picture of that fella from The Room.

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