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Film Stories

Film Stories issue 39 print edition (January 2023)

Film Stories issue 39 print edition (January 2023)

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ROGER DEAKINS: A big exclusive chat with a British cinema legend. From his new film - Empire Of Light - through to his broader thoughts on the industry

THE BBFC AND PRECUTS: When movie studios go looking for softer certificates for their films

SAVING CINEMAS: We look into the growing number of UK independent cinemas that appear to be under threat.

CASTING: Pulling back the curtain on agents and casting directors...

FROM IRELAND TO THE OSCARS?: Chatting to Colm Bairéad about his debut feature The Quiet Girl.

A VERY GOOD YEAR? How 2022 has fared for queer cinema

PHIL TIPPETT: On his journey to hell and back making the film Mad God.

SIMON HICKSON LIKES DOGS: It's a statement of fact. But also, the mighty Simon from Trev & Simon chats about dogs in films. He likes those too. 

FILM BOOKS! Lots of recommendations!


MORE INTERVIEWS! Nikyatu Jusu, P.J. Palmer and a whole host of upcoming filmmakers too.



Writing clinic with the mighty James Moran

My film story

Reviews! There's a five star one in this issue too. Again! We're going soft.

Things for the watchlist


Movie clinic!

The letters page!

More interviews!

And lots more!

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