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Film Stories

Film Stories issue 36 print edition (September 2022)

Film Stories issue 36 print edition (September 2022)

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SEE HOW THEY RUN: A brand new British whodunnit - and its a real treat! We dig into the story of the film that's giving Knives Out more than a run for its money.

DIRECTORS WHO WON'T STOP CHANGING THEIR FILMS: It's not just George Lucas. We highlight the filmmakers who keep going back to the movies, and why...

MAKING A NO BUDGET MOVIE: Ever wanted to try? We've got a full guide in this issue!

YIKES: Fall is not a film for those who don't like heights. Turned out the making of it was quite a challenge too...

DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SHREK: Examining the trend for re-recording animated movies with voices from British TV stars, for little cameos

THE REAL 007: The on-screen portrayals of Ian Fleming.

THE NEXT FRONTIER: The remastering of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and the stories behind it.

CAPTAIN BUDGET: The man who set out to be the lowest-cost producer in Hollywood.

UNRAVELLING THE MYSTERY: The Stranger In Our Bed is a brand new thriller - and Bart Edwards has been telling us all about it...

FILLING THE GAPS: Is there a different way forward for Hollywood franchises than 'legacy sequels'? We've had an idea...



Writing clinic with the mighty James Moran

Our film stories: two independents tell us their journeys

Reviews: there are films we really like this issue!

Things for the watchlist


Movie clinic!

The letters page!

More interviews!

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