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Film Stories

Film Stories issue 13 (February 2020) - print edition [BACK IN STOCK FROM 3RD FEB]

Film Stories issue 13 (February 2020) - print edition [BACK IN STOCK FROM 3RD FEB]

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Say hello to Jason Isaacs, and our much-in-demand Film Stories Issue 13! Featuring Mssrs. Mayo and Kermode on its front cover and a massive Wittertainment feature on the inside, it's already well on its way to selling out. So don't hang around!  


  • Behind the scenes of Wittertainment: just how does the world-conquering Kermode & Mayo Film Review programme come together?
  • What screenwriting and editing programmes do the pros use, and what are the worthwhile low cost alternatives?
  • Filmmaker mode: what is it, and does your telly really need it?
  • The ground-breaking (female) studio executive of the 1980s
  • Franchises not included! The 2020 movies to watch out for, that don’t have Roman numerals or colons in the title
  • The DVD and Blu-ray labels working to keep the special edition release alive
  • The shlock-horror double bill of British cinema in 1974
  • Amblimation: the story behind Steven Spielberg’s attempt to do battle with Disney animation
  • ASMR in the movies
  • Scandinavian composers: we talk to some of the musicians whose work is influencing movies more and more
  • Plus lots of reviews, news features, bits of mayhem and our regular Gerard Butler-themed quiz

Plus! Amongst the 20+ paid writers in this issue, five are getting their first ever paid print writing work.

We can only do this with your support, and thank you so much.

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