Film Stories issue 14 Digital Issue (March 2020)

Film Stories issue 14 Digital Issue (March 2020)

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A digital PDF copy of Film Stories Issue 14.

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  • 89 British films heading your way over the coming months and years
  • 8 brilliant directors tell us their stories of making films – and how you can too
  • Alex Winter might be best known as half of Bill & Ted – but he’s also an accomplished documentary maker. Exclusive interview.
  • Craig Fairbrass chats to us about his latest film, and making action movies
  • We speak to a man who managed his local Odeon for 30 years. He has stories…
  • Is movie marketing now incapable of selling mid-budget films? And how can more challenging films break through?
  • How Tommy Lee Jones make full use of a lazily-put-together movie contract – and other contractual tales
  • Sherrymovies: how one studio head pushed mainstream films with women at the heart of them
  • Jaw-dropping stories from behind the scenes of movie PR
  • Movie making-of books in focus
  • Women and sport in the movies

And lots, lots, lots more. Plus, amongst the 20+ paid writers in this issue, six are getting their first ever paid print writing work.