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Film Stories

Film Stories issue 15 (April 2020) - print edition

Film Stories issue 15 (April 2020) - print edition

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Preorder the new issue of Film Stories now, due out on March 26th 2020. Thank you.



* Lashana Lynch exclusive: from Fast Girls and Captain Marvel, to behind the scenes on No Time To Die

* The films that tried to imitate Bond

* Result of our big survey into behaviour by cinema audiences. The smelly feet story is horrible.

* When cinema projection goes wrong

* The problems facing Disney+ as it launches in the UK

* Who changed Roger Rabbit?

* The link between Real Genius and L A Story

* The behind the scenes story of Pihu

* Films made in garages

* Working class Britain on screen

* Climate change and film production

* The first movie made in British Sign Language

* Simon Pegg on his latest movie

And much, much more.

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