Film Stories issue 16 (June 2020) - digital edition

Film Stories issue 16 (June 2020) - digital edition

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It's not quite a coffee table, but it's not too bad... 


•  Simon Bird exclusive: the story of his feature directorial debut, Days Of The Bagnold Summer
•  Independent cinemas fighting back: how UK indie moviehouses are coping, and what they're up to next
•  The story of the Pet Shop Boys movie: by the people who made it
•  Danny Trejo exclusive: huge interview as he looks back on his life, his career, and the new documentary of his story.
•  Monica Dolan exclusive: on Bagnold Summer and Post-It notes.
•  Writing for Friedkin: what happens when the director of The Exorcist wants you to tackle a screenplay?
•  The Tall Guy: the story of the first film written by Richard Curtis.
•  Inclusion riders: Hollywood's words are still not being fully met with actions
•  Dubbing and translation: two pieces looking at bringing international cinema to wider audiences
•  VHS dealer adverts: the special promotions that the end user rarely got to see
•  The Syrian film collective: building a new cinema culture

• SPECIAL EXTRA SECTION: 16 pages of new film writing and memories, exclusively by authors over 70 years old.