Film Stories issue 17 (July 2020) - print edition preorder

Film Stories issue 17 (July 2020) - print edition preorder

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Preorder the new issue of Film Stories. This one won't be in stores for fairly obvious reasons. Released end of June.


EXCLUSIVE: Caitlin Moran on how the film of How To Build A Girl was, well, built.

EXCLUSIVE: Simon Pegg takes us through his two new independent movies, and his plan to direct

EXCLUSIVE: Scott Adkins on making action movies, and his plan post-lockdown

NOT-EXCLUSIVE: A few bits and bobs that in truth other magazines might have covered too.


* Get Out, and the horror of Hollywood racism

* Director's cuts that aren't necessarily anything to do with the director

* Polygram Filmed Entertainment: how it went from Four Weddings and Trainspotting to pretty much nothing

* The story behind the Indian Film Festival in the UK

* Are films really getting longer?

* Saucy cinema! We've written something a bit rude. Well, not that rude. But saucy.

* What happens when Hollywood wants to adapt a story you've written for the screen?

* The budget realities of an independent movie. Just how much do things cost?

* Maggie Cheung: she was one of the most acclaimed actors in the world - and then quit the movies. But why?

* More stories from our brilliant senior correspondents

And lots lots lots lots more.