Film Stories issue 19 print edition (October 2020)

Film Stories issue 19 print edition (October 2020)

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The jam-packed 19th issue of Film Stories! And it includes...

* Morfydd Clark: on the stunning Saint Maud, and the making of the film

* The story of the man who made Superman fly

* Jay Baruchel on directing movies, and people trying to foist Arnold Schwarzenegger on his film

* The Empire Strikes Back, how it's now gone from a U to a PG - and why

* Caroline Goodall tells us about what led her to write and produce The Bay Of Silence

* Spike Lee and his incredible 90s run of movies - and how they were ahead of their time

* Is pick and mix at the cinema lost to us forever?

* The Likely Lads, and their underrated cinema swansong

* Loads of reviews! Plus an article about saucy movies of the 1930s

* Movie endings! When they leave threads hanging that are never resolved

* More movie endings! Why do films go into production without an ending locked?

* Plus! Romesh Ranganathan! Anna Smith! Debbie Moon! Hope DIckson Leach! Lucy Brydon! Richard Brake! Eliza Schroeder! And much, much more!