Film Stories issue 25 print edition (June 2021)

Film Stories issue 25 print edition (June 2021)

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Issue 25 of Film Stories is now available for preorder. Shipping from May 18th. 


* In The Earth: the story of how Ben Wheatley went from his planned Tomb Raider movie drifting away, to making a new horror film in under a year.

* The Golden Compass: how the 2007 movie lost its ways - and what happened next.

* Military advisors: what do they do? How do they do it?

* Dune, Star Wars, and the perils of getting on-screen dust just right.

* The disc that transformed home cinema

* Celebrating the underappreciated films of Laurel & Hardy

* The Wes Anderson Instagram account that really, really took off

* The joys of Cartoon Saloon

* 1969: the year the movie western changed

* Emma Butt: on working in post-production sound, and the journey to get there

* Signature: the story of the distributor that went from a room in London, to Los Angeles and over 1000 movies

* When music stars make movie scores

* And a lovely, lovely chat about Medicinema with Simon Hickson.


* Andrew Macdonald, Diana Dors, Jennifer Sheridan, all about Film Stories' secret plans, TikTok (yep), launching a streaming service, and much much more!