Film Stories issue 29 print edition (December 2021)

Film Stories issue 29 print edition (December 2021)

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Issue 29 of Film Stories is about to land. And here's what's inside...

* PIRATES: Reggie Yates, Elliot Edusah, Reda Elazour and Jordan Peters take us through the party of the year.

* AML AMEEN: From acting to the writer/director behind Warner Bros' Christmas romcom Boxing Day - and he tells us all about it.

* SOPHIA MYLES: A candid interview, where she talks us through acting, and mental health struggles

* BRITISH FILMS OF 2022: A huge preview of some terrific upcoming films.

* HOW DISNEY SORTED OF CROWDFUNDED ITS MOVIES: The 80s and 90s story of the Silver Screen partners

* DAVID MORRISSEY: He's become an 'and' on movie credits! And he's been telling us about that, and The Colour Room.

* DUEL BRITANNIA: Navigating British film through tricky current times.

* RICHARD JOBSON: From music to the movies

* MAKING YOUR FIRST FILM: Some tips and thoughts to get you up and running

* WHAT ON EARTH ARE THE BIFAs? And how do they actually work?

* STEVE WATERS: How the movies made a playwright

* ENGINEERING: Why it matters to cinema

Plus! More interviews, a tribute to Roger Michell, reviews, recommendations and so, so much more!