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Film Stories

Film Stories issue 30 print edition (January 2022)

Film Stories issue 30 print edition (January 2022)

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Shipping from January 10th 2022. 


* Huge exclusive Kenneth Branagh interview, as he takes us into the making of his most personal film to date, Belfast.

* Steven Knight on the aftermath of Spencer, and his plans to bring filmmaking to the West Midlands.

* Will Sharpe on The Electrical Life Of Louis Wain, and framing cats in 4:3

* NFTs - WTF? A look at the world of the non-fungible token

* The press drop: we dig into the trend for sending journalists free movie swag in return for social media promotion

* Director Sara Sugarman on her journey from Wales to Hollywood, and back again with Save The cinema

* Filmmaker Chin We tells us the story of her latest film, and what she’s up to with her work

* Does Lucasfilm still want to make Star Wars movies?

* The difficulty of watching violence on the big screen – and how it can make women feel unsafe in the cinema

* The story of Don Dohler and Cinemagic magazine

* How many times do you see that a film is in some way based on a true story? But we wonder how truthful that is…

* Screenwriter James Moran begins his new writing workshop series

And lots, lots, lots more!


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