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Film Stories

Film Stories issue 33 print edition (May 2022)

Film Stories issue 33 print edition (May 2022)

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Shipping from mid-May. Inside...

EXCLUSIVE: Kermode & Mayo return: Mark and Simon tell the story of deciding to end Wittertainment, the final show, and the start of Kermode & Mayo’s Take…

Martina Sirtis: on The Bezonians, Star Trek and her acting career

The Man of Peel: where did the Bananaman movie go?

The Brass Eye tapes: the TV series that the tabloids hated, and the film that’s brought its story to life

When Playboy made movies (not that sort): and how its studio fell apart

When musicians make movies about themselves – and take potshots at the industry too

Spire Animation: Karen Disher tells us about moving from Blue Sky to something

The films that were lost to the 2007-8 financial crash

Film distributors: how do they work, and who are the companies who get the films to us?

Hellraiser: the film and its legacy, 35 years on

Olivia D’Lima tells us about her short film Beige


Writing workshop with James Moran

Lots of films to add to your watchlist

A revamped puzzle page!

Lots of reviews!

Movie clinic

Your letters and thoughts

And even more interviews too!

And! Amongst the 20+ paid writers in this issue, two are getting their first ever paid print writing work.

We can only do this with your support, and thank you so much.

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