Film Stories Junior issue 6 (Spring 2021)

Film Stories Junior issue 6 (Spring 2021)

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The latest issue of the only regular print film magazine for under 15s - that's also mainly written by them too!

Shipping from March 5th...

In the latest issue...


  • Goro Miyazaki tells us about Studio Ghibli’s new hero
  • Kelly Marie Tran chats to us about The Croods 2 and Star Wars
  • Nina Hartstone tells us about movie sound and winning an Oscar!
  • Madeline Sharafian on making the Pixar short film, Burrow


  • Into Film your reviewers special
  • Siblings in films
  • The rules of a family movie night
  • World building in the movies
  • Disney and beauty standards
  • Disney Channel movie recommendations
  • Wonder Woman 1984 thoughts
  • The Mandalorian: better than the recent Star Wars films?
  • You’re never too late/early for Christmas movies!
  • Looking ahead to Cinderella
  • Writing film reviews
  • Editing in the movies

And much more!