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Film Stories Junior

Film Stories Junior issue 8 (winter 2021/22)

Film Stories Junior issue 8 (winter 2021/22)

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22 brilliant films to watch out for in 2022 (and some more that are heading to streaming services too!)

One young reporter interviews the team behind Disney's Encanto

Another has been chatting to Henry Lawfull, the star of A Boy Called Christmas

Yet another went along to a very special Aardman screening for us!

The children of St Kenelm's School in Romsley have been recommending lots of films they love

How Ron's Gone Wrong went Right

Heading in the Spider-verse

Maddison's movie choices

Why Free Guy rules!

All about sound effects

Directing your own film


And much much more! Most of the issue is written, as always, by young film fans, and we're really proud of their work.

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