Film Stories Junior print edition: issue 2 (Autumn/Winter 2019)

Film Stories Junior print edition: issue 2 (Autumn/Winter 2019)

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It's issue two of the only regular print film magazine both for under 15s, and primarily written by under 15s!

By buying this magazine, not only are youngsters getting a film magazine all of their own, but you also support us as we look to give opportunities for young writers to get their work into print. Oh, and to be paid for it too! We believe that all writing has value, and contributors to Film Stories Junior are paid via vouchers, that we buy ourselves.

Anyway: inside issue two you'll find...

* The return of Shaun The Sheep, as we send 9-year old Ella to the premiere

* Girl power at the movies, and the best girls in film

* Behind the scenes of a cinema

* What's it like being in a film?

* The underrated Batman movie

* Celebrating The Kid Who Would Be King - and why more people should have gone to see it

* How to write a movie

* Cool movies your parents watched

And much more!